White supremacist gets 40 years in Scottsdale bombing


by Mike Watkiss

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Posted on May 22, 2012 at 5:44 PM

Updated Tuesday, May 22 at 6:21 PM

PHOENIX -- A white supremacist has been sentenced to 40 years in prison in a 2004 bombing that wounded a black city official in Scottsdale.

Following a six-week trial in February 2012, A jury found 61-year-old Dennis Mahon guilty of three federal charges stemming from the package bomb that injured Don Logan.

Logan was the director of Scottsdale's Office of Diversity and Dialogue at the time.

"It's a very good day for Don Logan and others like him," said Logan as he was speaking to reporters on Tuesday outside the federal court building in downtown Phoenix, following the sentencing.

Logan was surrounded by family and friends as he said justice had been served in a crime that shocked the community.

"I'm moving on. I'm a grandparent now and learning what's it like to change diapers again and trying to continue to make a difference and working in the community advocating on behalf of doing what's right for everyone," said Logan.

Jurors stopped short of finding Mahon guilty of a hate crime after the trial that included dramatic testimony from Logan and a government informant dubbed a "trailer park Mata Hari" by defense attorneys.

In statement released to the media, US District Judge David Campbell said the bombing was "an act of domestic terrorism."

“The perseverance and dedication of ATF, the Postal Inspection Service, the Scottsdale Police Department, and our prosecution team has brought justice to a defendant who not only spoke in the abstract in favor of violence, but who also committed actual acts of violence against innocent civilians who were engaged in serving the community,” said Acting US Attorney Ann Birmingham Scheel.

“Although the victims of this crime will live with the physical and psychological effects of the bombing for the rest of their lives, we hope that the sentence imposed today will bring them some sense of justice,” said Scheel.

The evidence at trial showed that a bomb detonated at the City of Scottsdale Office of Diversity and Dialogue on February 26, 2004, causing injury to Donald Logan, Renita Linyard, and others. The evidence also showed that Mahon had specific knowledge of how the bomb, addressed to Donald Logan, was constructed.

Prosecutors argued Mahon and his twin brother, Daniel, bombed Logan on behalf of a group called the White Aryan Resistance.

Daniel Mahon was acquitted of the only charge he faced, while Dennis Mahon maintains his innocence.