Garage door crushes worker at Biltmore home in notorious arson case


by Jennifer Thomas

Video report by Mike Watkiss

Posted on December 18, 2012 at 5:32 PM

Updated Thursday, Dec 20 at 7:18 PM

Map: Garage door falls on worker

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PHOENIX -- A man was killed Tuesday morning when a garage door fell on him, according to the Phoenix Police Department.

Sgt. Trent Crump said two workers were taking down the roll-up garage door at a home near Camelback Road and 32nd Street when it got away from them.

"I would describe it as probably 18 to 20 feet in the air, several hundreds pounds, a large metal door. Somehow this came loose while they were working on it. It feel and crushed one of the workers," said Sgt. Crump.

An off-duty police officer and a couple of golfers ran to help pull the large metal door off the worker.

The man was transported to a local hospital. He has not been positively identified, but Crump said he is a Hispanic male in his 20s.

The other worker was not injured.

The home was formerly owned by Michael Marin, who committed suicide in a Phoenix courtroom earlier this year. Marin ingested cyanide after he was convicted of burning down his Biltmore mansion in 2009 because he could not make the payments.

Marin made headlines then because he escaped the smoke and flames by crawling out of a second-story window and climbing down an emergency ladder. He used a scuba tank to avoid smoke inhalation.

Initially thought to be a narrow escape, prosecutors said it was planned.  

"The house has certainly gotten notoriety that has been, for the most part, negative over the past few years," Crump said.