How to make a fabulous bookshelf out of aluminum gutters


by Debbie Hernandez / The Home Depot, Special to

GMAZ interview by Javier Soto

Posted on August 1, 2012 at 10:18 AM

Updated Wednesday, Aug 1 at 11:00 AM

PHOENIX -- This is a really fun, easy, inexpensive and very functional project for back-to-school -- or any time -- to get all your books organized and displayed without the need for bookends.

These book shelves are made from aluminum gutters, believe it or not. Get the look of crown molding shelving without the cost! The total pricetag on this project as we did it was less than $15.

What you will need
10' length of aluminum gutter (Qty 1) get 3, 3' shelves or cut to desired size
Aluminum gutter end caps, 3 right and 3 left
Aluminum gutter inside corner piece for L-shaped corner shelves (optional)
Hack saw or power jig saw with blade for cutting aluminum.
C clamps
Masking tape
Protective eyewear
Stud finder and level
Drill and long screws for hanging
Spray paint (optional)

Measure area for shelves to determine shelf length.

Wrap area of desired length with masking tape, this will ensure a smoother cut.

Mark exact desired length on masking tape in multiple places, then connect markings to give a precise line to follow when cutting.

Clamp down on both sides of the taped area.

Cut along marked line with power jig saw or hack saw by hand.

Remove tape.

Place end caps on each end; secure with a bit of silicone if desired.

Find and mark studs on wall; screw shelves to wall into the studs. Use a level to make sure shelves are hung straight.

Add books and enjoy being able to see the front of the books and no more tipping over!

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