Thousands sign petition for Arizona to secede from the Union


by Marie Saavedra

Posted on November 14, 2012 at 10:00 AM

Updated Wednesday, Oct 30 at 4:02 AM

PHOENIX -- Thousands of Arizonans have signed a petition calling for the state to secede from the Union.

After our hard fought presidential election, some say the country is more divided than ever before. And now, hundreds of thousands of voters disappointed in where they say America is headed want to literally divide it.

Nohl Rosen describes himslef as an Independent, disappointed in the Obama Administration, and he is one of more than 14,000 Arizonanas who want some space.

"This is not the country I was born in and grew up loving. It's turned into something completely different," Rosen said.

They've signed this petition on the White House Web page, asking that Arizona peacefully secede from the Union. And we're not alone, thousands of people 40 states, from Rhode Island to California, have signed petitions for their state to separate. Texas has more than 82,000 signatures alone, each one saying '"I want out."

"When we decided to break off from England people thought those people were nuts. These people were the forefathers of our country!" said Rosen.

Finding people who signed and were willing to go on camera like Rosen was difficult. Finding people who laughed it off was not.

"I think they're just sore losers," said Jose Morales of Phoenix.  "They don't want to acknowledge what actually went on with the election. It was equal on both sides."

Even Gov. Jan Brewer shot it down.

"I believe in the United States of America," she said.

Nearly everyone we spoke with just shook their head in reaction to hearing about the petition, saying they'll add it to a growing list of Arizona embarassments.

"It's kind of like a kid getting upset that they lost a game and running home and crying, maybe they could start working toward actually changing things for the better," said Travis Chenoweth of Phoenix.

The website states that petitions need 25,000 signatures before the White House will consider responding.

Judging by Brewer's comments and the lack of comment from Arizona's Republican Party and the Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots, the movement might not get the traction it needs to be seriously considered.


Arizona petition to secede

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