Police dig into the family dynamic of victims in Gilbert shooting


by Marie Saavedra


Posted on May 3, 2012 at 9:49 PM

Updated Thursday, May 3 at 9:50 PM

GILBERT -- Hugo Mederos wonders 'What if?' What if he knew what was going on inside his ex-wife's home? Could he have stopped Lisa's murder? And that of his daughter Amber, her boyfriend Jim and his granddaughter Lilly? He'll never know, because he had no clue.

"She didn't talk to me about relationships. I', sure she told the kids not to mention anything about her private life," said Mederos.

It seems few did, so investigators are digging into the dynamics inside this home in the months and years before this tragedy.

Gilbert Police say they've been called to this home five times since 2009.

In '09, there was one call, when Amber threatened suicide. There were three calls in 2011. Two of them were calls from suspected shooter J.T. Ready, reporting suspicious activity in the neighborhood where he lived with the Mederos'. The third call was to report a break-in to Amber's car. In January of 2012, Lisa called to report that Ready assaulted her. Police say her call came six months after the actual incident.   

Friends of Amber Mederos say she was in a good place.

"She's been the happiest she's ever been," said Jamie Harrell, who's known Amber for several years. But in Facebook posts, she talks about getting away from drama, about worrying and praying. Still, her friends say she never mentioned her mother's boyfriend, J.T. Ready.

"She never mentioned anything...nope. I never heard about JT," said Harrell.

It only adds to the mystery of why three generations of family were robbed of the rest of their lives.