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Johnnie Robinson
District 4 - Democrat

Johnnie Robinson was born in Dallas, TX and raised in the mid-sized town of Frederick, MD. His father, a retired brick/stone mason & certified welder for 35 years, and his mother, a retired nurse, raised him with a strong foundation based on honorable moral and ethical values... hard work, contribution to the less fortunate, and the importance of valuing family. Johnnie is the youngest of 4 children, and began at an early age to put to work the lessons learned from his parents and older siblings.

At age 9, his first act of assisting the community was working with the Special Olympics. He did whatever he could, from giving out fliers to speaking with people, to promote the need for more opportunities to improve the health and increase exercise for the mentally and physically challenged community. By age 14, he worked as a volunteer, then employee for the local soup kitchen/homeless shelter in Frederick. The men, women, and children that frequented the kitchen, were encouraged by his positive attitude and knowledge of services they could receive to become more self-sufficient.

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