New details in library child molestation case


by Carey Peña

Posted on March 1, 2012 at 10:45 AM

Updated Sunday, Nov 3 at 10:55 AM

Map: Library child molestation

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PHOENIX -- A closer look at the case of a man accused of molesting two girls at a public library in Phoenix has revealed some disturbing details.

“That’s just disgusting. It’s appalling they live right there,” Mary Price said while standing in her doorway holding her 10 month old baby girl.

She’s reacting to news that an alleged child molester lives just a few doors down.

Devon Anderson, 31,  is accused of preying on little girls at the Saguaro Library near Thomas Road and 46th Street in Phoenix.

“Clearly this is an individual who was using the library and children’s section of the library to prey upon young victims,” says Sgt Trent Crump from the Phoenix Police Department.

Phoenix police tell 3TV over the past month Anderson – a level two sex offender who was out on probation – molested two four-year-old girls. 

According to court paperwork, Anderson “frequents the Saguaro Branch Library almost every weekend.”

He allegedly told police that he “fights the urge to reoffend by meditating sometimes as much as four hours per day” and said “he may have forgotten to meditate on Saturday.”

Price couldn’t believe it when we told her about the allegations.

“My son could have been playing out there. He could have come up and done whatever he wanted to my son.”

Anderson was living at a group home in the neighborhood near 44th Street and Oak.

Many of the neighbors we talked to said they had no idea a registered sex offender was living at the home.

3TV did some digging to find out more about the group home which, according to county records, serves individuals with developmental disabilities and or serious mental illness.

Still, by Arizona law, residents have to be notified if a level two intermediate or level three high-risk sex offender moves into their neighborhood.

Price told us there was never anything posted on her door.

According to court records, Anderson was registered as a level two sex offender for “Inappropriately touching a five-year-old female while at a book store and for illegally entering a backyard where a two-year-old was playing and touching her inappropriately.”

We wanted to ask someone at the home why neighbors seemed to have no idea Anderson was living in there.The man who answered the door repeatedly told us he had no comment.