Drink coffee and help fight cancer


by Carey Peña and Lori Santa Maria


Posted on September 7, 2011 at 10:34 PM

Updated Wednesday, Oct 30 at 6:14 AM

PHOENIX - Everyone is talking about Coffee Week ... so what is it? 

Basically for seven straight days (September 5-11) you can go to any coffee shop that's participating in the Valley six locations and help fight cancer one cup at a time. All donations and proceeds earned from the Coffee Week event will benefit Phoenix Children's Hospital.

Aspen Decker, Executive Director for the CoffeePledge Against Cancer was inspired by his Mom to create Coffee Week. Aspen loves coffee and loves social media so he put the two together along with a cause he's passionate about and started the launch of Coffee Week. Carey Peña sat down with Aspen at Echo Coffee to ask him about the event as we know it today.

"How did coffee week get started?  My mom has been fighting cancer for the last 15 years on and off and we wanted to do something using our skills in social media. We launched it online to see if people would buy a cup to save a life. Within two weeks we had 50,000 cups pledged... 50,000 yes! So we were like oh man there's something here." 

"And what is this up here this is very cool (referring to a screen with social media scrolling about coffee week)?  Since we were born in social media we wanted to make sure that social media was definitely included for everywhere that you go for coffee week.  This is tracking everything that happens in real time. Every tweet, every groupon, every picture taken, check-ins on foursquare, You tube videos, etc."



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