Apple gets no love for new iPhone


by Carey Peña / 3TV News @ 10!

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Posted on October 4, 2011 at 8:54 PM

Updated Tuesday, Oct 4 at 10:54 PM

PHOENIX – There was smoke, but no flames. Despite all the rumors, Apple did not unveil the iPhone 5 Tuesday.
Instead Tuesday’s big Apple event was all about the iPhone 4S. It looks a lot like the regular iPhone4 but the difference is apparently on the inside.
We asked a reporter from CNET TV in San Francisco, what happened? Why did everyone think today we would get our first look at the iPhone 5?
“Well a lot of people were expecting iPhone5,” Brian Tong told us in a conversation via Skype, “But what we’ve seen now is since Apple is such a secretive company, there’s a lot of rumors that leak out.”
He went on to explain, “Apple has conditioned us to always expect something new and outstanding and even though the guts inside this phone are unlike any iPhone we’ve ever seen … when the outside looks the same, there’s nothing that tells us is this really a new phone. People are mad about that. A lot of people were hoping that Apple would at least give us a bigger screen – at the very least.” 
Disappointment aside, Tong says the new iPhone 4S is impressive, “Inside the phone the processing is twice as fast and you’re getting an amazing camera. Not just the image quality, but the resolution of the pictures.”
We asked 3TV viewers what they thought about the iPhone 5 that wasn’t.
David Burgess posted on our Facebook page saying, “I thought with the new guy in and Jobs out that there would be more of an impact on the phone that would make a bold statement.”
We asked Tong about that.
Did Tim Cook, the man who took over for Steve Jobs, manage this situation correctly?
“Some of this reaction,” he says, “is just the pent-up hunger and the insatiable appetite that the tech community and consumers want from Apple.”

Tong goes on to say, “Apple has delivered every time they put out a product. They’ve had hits with the iPhone, the iPad and the iPod and people just expect something that will blow them away. I’m not going to put this on Tim Cook.”
3TV viewer Jennifer Brooks Bare asked on Facebook, “When can we expect the iPhone5? I really don’t want to upgrade now if a new look/feel will be out in six months.”
We asked Tong that question as well.
“People are talking about ‘oh, maybe I’ll see an iPhone5 before the holiday’,” he said with a smile, “It’s not gonna happen. It will be another nine months to a year. Believe me, they have it … it’s being worked on. We just won’t see it before then.”
In the meantime Apple’s iPhone4 goes on sale October 14.

 Despite the fuss (and the temporary 5 percent drop in Apple stock) Tong expects very, very long lines to get one.
You can find Brian Tong on Twitter at @brian_Tong. The interview airs tonight on 3TV News at 10PM/