Want better looking skin? Clean your makeup brushes regularly


by Kaley O'Kelley


Posted on October 22, 2012 at 11:17 AM

Updated Monday, Oct 22 at 11:34 AM

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- The key to keeping your skin clear may have nothing to do with your daily cleaning regimen and everything to do with how often you're cleaning your makeup brushes.

Zethina is a celebrity makeup artist based in Glendale. She says we need to clean our brushes every two weeks.

She also says we don't need anything fancy to clean things up. Just use the antibacterial liquid soap most of us use every time we wash our hands.

This will work for most of the brushes we use to apply powder and blush.

Eye-makeup remover works like a charm on brushes used to apply oil-based cosmetics, including lipsticks and concealers. 

If you don't have eye-makeup remover, Zethina recommends using dish soap or basic facial cleanser.

Have a pencil sharpener in your bag of tricks?  Yes they, too, tend to get grimy. 

"Grab a Q-tip and some dish soap and you'll be good to go," Zethina said.

Zethina also has a recommendation for those who use makeup pads. She says use antibacterial hand soap. Wash the pad over and over and over again until all of the makeup has been washed out. 

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