Fly like Iron Man at Lake Pleasant


by Ryan O'Donnell

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Posted on August 16, 2013 at 11:04 AM

Updated Friday, Aug 16 at 11:45 AM

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Map: Pleasant Harbor Marina

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PEORIA, Ariz. -- It's the hottest thing making waves around the world and now it's at Lake Pleasant -- flyboarding.

“Feeling the throttle just going up, pushing you up, it feels really good,” first-timer Ernesto Reyes said.

“It's possible to go 30-35 feet,” said Kenny Brown,  who brought AZ Flyboard Rentals to the Valley. “You just put your feet into it, you get into the water and when you're ready, you just start coming out of the water and flying.”

The thing you put your feet in is called a flyboard. It’s the size of a skateboard, but has three metal tubes attached to it. The two on the sides propel the flyboarder out of the water like a jet pack. The middle one brings the water in from a long fire hose connected to a jet ski.

“All of the thrust the would normally make the jet ski go 60 miles per hour is coming right into the board and that's what lifts you up and out of the water,” Brown explained.

At only two years old, the flyboard phenomenon has popped up basically anywhere where there's an ocean and a beach.

This past weekend, it debuted for the first time at the Lake Pleasant's Pleasant Harbor Marina.

“When people first come out, they're coming out of the water 3 feet, maybe 4 feet," Brown said. "All you're doing is getting your balance. After you get your balance, you might do a little bit left, a little bit right. If you've gone a couple of minutes without crashing and you want to go a foot higher, we'll take you a foot higher, but you're not going to go this high in your first introductory flight,” Brown said while we watched a veteran flying high above the water.

After a brief lesson, I was up and out of the water, flying like Iron Man. Flyboarding is not just a guy's thing, either. Women can fly, and kids 12 and older can fly.

Reyes had a great time doing it for the first time.

“It's great, man. A great experience,," he said. "You just need a little bit of patience and you'll be doing all kinds of tricks. It was great.”

The introductory flight is $149. That includes a 10-minute lesson, 15-minute flight, a DVD of what you did and a T-shirt.

3TV's Deals Diva Alicia Markham found a Groupon for 40 percent off a 40-minute flight, which means you'll pay $119 rather than $199. You can add on the DVD and T-shirt for $30, bringing the total to the same as a first-time flight. The Groupon for AZ Flyboard Rentals is available though Monday, Aug. 19, and expires 90 days after purchase.

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