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Posted on December 10, 2013 at 9:00 AM


Planning for 12/10/2013:



MANDELA MEMORIAL - World leaders join Mandela's family for a huge memorial service in Johannesburg - See National/International

OBAMA HANDSHAKE - President Obama greets Cuban President Raul Castro with a handshake - See International

SCHOOL FOR SANTAS - Would-be Father Christmases learn the tricks of the trade at Santa School - See Only on AP

BIONIC ARM - The students who designed a robotic arm to help with heavy lifting - See Regional




SANTA SCHOOL - More than 100 Kris Kringles attend Santa school to learn the tricks of the trade - AVAILABLE NOW (NR/CR)




OBAMA HANDSHAKE - President Obama greets Cuban President Raul Castro with a handshake at Mandela memorial - AVAILABLE NOW/SEEKING REACTION

IRAN KERRY - Secretary of State John Kerry testifies before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Iran nuclear deal - COVERING

MISSING FAMILY - Search underway for a couple and four children who disappeared in snow-clad mountains in Nevada - COVERING

NEWTOWN FATHER - The father who created a research foundation in memory of his daughter killed in the Sandy Hook school shooting - AVAILABLE NOW (NR/CR)

UN SPORTS - Martina Navratilova leads UN campaign on the role of sport in combatting homophobia - COVERING




DC/NJ/NY/PA - WEATHER WATCH - Heavy snow on the east coast causing traffic disruption, school, federal office closures - COVERING

OH - HIGH SPEED CRASH - Dash-cam video showing car chase which ended in a fatal crash - EFFORTING

LA - FAMILY FOOD FIGHT - The family feud which has brought a famous New Orleans restaurant to bankruptcy - AVAILABLE NOW

MI - SANTA SCHOOL - More than 100 Kris Kringles attend Santa school to learn the tricks of the trade - AVAILABLE NOW (NR/CR)

MT - NEWLYWED MURDER - Trial begins of a woman accused of pushing her new husband to his death from a cliff - COVERING

PA - BIONIC ARM - The student-designed robotic arm which can help you lift an extra 40 pounds - AVAILABLE NOW (NR/CR)

CA - DEPUTIES CHARGED - 18 Sheriff's deputies face corruption charges for illegal detention of beating of suspects - AVAILABLE NOW (NR)




SAFRICA MANDELA - Various edits showing dignitaries and family arriving for the Mandela memorial at football stadium - AVAILABLE NOW (NR)

SAFRICA OBAMA - US President Obama shakes hands with Raul Castro, gives speech at Mandela memorial - AVAILABLE NOW (NR)

SAFRICA ZUMA - South African President Zuma booed in stadium; call for order in crowd - AVAILABLE NOW (NR)

CAR MOSQUE - Mosque burnt and destroyed by angry mob as Muslims are accused of supporting ex-rebel government - AVAILABLE NOW (NR)

JORDAN TRIAL - Radical al-Qaida-linked preacher Abu Qatada pleads not guilty to terrorism charges at the start of his trial - AVAILABLE NOW (NR)

UKRAINE PROTEST - Protests continue as top Western diplomats head to Kiev to try to defuse stand-off - AVAILABLE NOW (NR)

NKOREA UNCLE - North Koreans react to sacking of Kim Jong Un's uncle, Jang Song Thaek - AVAILABLE NOW (NR)

THAILAND UNREST/2 - Thai PM says she will not resign ahead of election despite protester demands - AVAILABLE NOW (NR)

NORWAY NOBEL/2 - Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) receives 2013 Nobel Peace Prize - AVAILABLE NOW (NR)

FRANCE IMPLANTS - Frenchman who sold faulty silicone breast implants jailed for four years - AVAILABLE NOW (NR)




SANTA RUN - Shania Twain is Grand Marshall for Las Vegas Great Santa Run - AVAILABLE NOW (NR)

SAVING MR BANKS - 'Mary Poppins' stars Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke are guests at the US premiere of 'Saving Mr. Banks' - AVAILABLE NOW (NR)




JAPAN NOODLES - Making traditional udon noodles to a techno beat - AVAILABLE NOW (NR)

FRANCE BOAT SHOW - Latest technology steers new course for boating industry - AVAILABLE NOW (NR)

AUSTRIA DANUBE WALTZ - Blue Danube Waltz kicks off Christmas ball season - AVAILABLE NOW (NR)

UK SEAL RESCUE - Rescuers help young seals stranded by storms - AVAILABLE NOW (NR)




SUDAFRICA OBAMA CASTRO - Inesperado encuentro entre Obama y Raul Catro durante ceremonia a Nelson Mandela

SUDAFRICA MANDELA DUELO - Multitudinario homenaje a Nelson Mandela en estadio en Soweto

EGIPTO ENFRENTAMIENTOS - La policia se enfrenta a estudiantes universitarios partidarios del presidente derrocado

LIBANO PERIODISTAS - Familias de periodistas espanoles secuestrados en Siria suplican su liberacion

EEUU ESCUELA SANTA - Mas de 100 personas acuden a clases para aprender a ser un buen Santa Claus


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