Here are some of the AP Video-US stories we are working on for 01/31/2013


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Posted on January 31, 2013 at 9:00 AM

Updated Thursday, Jan 31 at 9:01 AM

Here are some of the AP Video-US stories we are working on for 01/31/2013:



DID SHE OR DIDN'T SHE? - Beyonce is expected to answer that lip-synching question. See National.

NEW TONE FOR NOTRE DAME - Nine massive new bells give the Paris cathedral a more modern sound. See International.




STRESSED OUT TEENS - Schools are using therapy dogs, special recess breaks and counseling to combat a growing phenomenon - stressed-out teens. AVAILABLE NOW.




STORMS, TWISTERS POUND SOUTH, MIDWEST - Survivors talk about wild weather and tornados that swept through the south. AVAILABLE NOW.

Note: Further coverage expected.

HAGEL CONFIRMATION HEARINGS - Chuck Hagel appears before Senate Armed Services Committee.

HILLARY CLINTON TALKS ABOUT LEADERSHIP - On her second-to-last day in office, Hillary Clinton addresses the Council on Foreign Relations. Note: AP will also provide a backgrounder on Hillary Clinton's years in office.

OBAMA: REAL PATH NEEDED TO CITIZENSHIP - President Obama outlines his immigration reform plans in an interview with Spanish-language TV. AVAILABLE NOW.

HISPANIC FARM WORKERS ON IMMIGRATION - Reaction to President Obama's reform plans from rural workers and farmers.

SUPER BOWL COUNTERFEITING - AP joins ICE agents cracking down on counterfeiting at the Super Bowl.

BEYONCE READY FOR HALF-TIME - Beyonce is expected to address the lip-synching controversy at a Super Bowl news conference.

SUPER BOWL COACHES SPEAK - The Harbaugh brothers will address separate Super Bowl news conferences.




AL, HOSTAGE CRISIS - News conference on standoff expected as police and FBI agents continue to negotiate with hostage-taker.

AZ, HUNT FOR GUNMAN - Police continue to search for a 70-year-old gunman who shot three people at a call center.

GA, WILD WEATHER - Aftermath of storms and tornados that swept through the south.

NY, NEW YORK TIMES HACKED - NYT accuses Chinese hackers of breaching its system and stealing reporters' logins and other details.

FL, SHARK TAGGING - A tracking device has turned a 16-foot Great White shark called Mary Lee into an Internet star.




SYRIA ISRAEL AIRSTRIKE - Syrian Army statement on state television confirms Israeli airstrike. AVAILABLE NOW.

Note: Further coverage on airstrike expected.

SYRIA AIRSTRIKES - Dramatic amateur video said to show aftermath of government airstrikes in Damascus. AVAILABLE NOW.

CHINA PUNISHES TIBETANS OVER SELF-IMMOLATIONS - China convicts eight people it claims incited self-immolations by Tibetans. AVAILABLE NOW.

MASK SALES SOAR AS CHINA SHUTS FACTORIES - Face mask sales rocket in Beijing, as government shuts factories to ease smog crisis. AVAILABLE NOW.

AUSTRALIA FLOODS - Australia's Prime Minister meets flood victims as massive cleanup begins. AVAILABLE NOW.

HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH SAYS 2012 A BAD YEAR IN RUSSIA - HRW says situation in Russia is the most authoritarian in recent memory. AVAILABLE NOW.

ITALY FOOTBALL CLASHES - Police clash with soccer fans welcoming football star Mario Balotelli on his transfer from the UK. AVAILABLE NOW.

NOTRE DAME GETS NEW BELLS - Nine massive new bells are on their way to give Notre Dame cathedral in Paris a more modern sound. AVAILABLE NOW.




HILLARY SCOTT ON TOURING WHILE PREGNANT - Lady Antebellum's leading lady Hillary Scott talks about touring while pregnant. AVAILABLE NOW.

RUSSELL AND RHYS ARE 'THE AMERICANS' - Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys play KGB spies in new TV drama 'The Americans.' AVAILABLE NOW.

'ANTIVIRAL' CAST ON CELBRITY OBESSSION - Brandon Cronenberg and the cast of "Antiviral," on the movie about celebrity obsession.

NEW JEKYLL AND HYDE TALE - Steven Pasquale plays a modern-day Jekyll and Hyde in new TV series.




MEXICO GARBAGE ORCHESTRA - Tune into the orchestra making sweet sounds from recycled rubbish. AVAILABLE NOW.

AUSTRALIA TURNING PESTS INTO PESTICIDE ALTERNATIVE - Researchers hope to turn the earwig into an alternative to pesticides.

IRAN FIRE FESTIVAL - A Zoroastrian mid-winter fire festival is now drawing interest from Muslims in Iran.


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