Here is an update on the AP Video-US stories either available or expected for 01/15/2013


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Posted on January 15, 2013 at 3:00 PM

Here is an update on the AP Video-US stories either available or expected for 01/15/2013:



TEAMMATE TALKS - A former teammate of Lance Armstrong talks about his drug 'confession.' See Only on AP.

SOARING SYMBOL - The first section of the spire atop the new One World Trade Center is installed. See Regional - East.




ARMSTRONG TEAMMATE TALKS - In a rare on-camera interview, former teammate Frankie Andreau talks about Lance Armstrong's expected apology.

INAUGURAL PRESIDENTIAL SEAL - The presidential seal will feature heavily at next Monday's inauguration. But how are these intricate, hand-painted emblems made?




CARNEY: OBAMA TO UNVEIL GUN PROPOSALS WEDNESDAY - White House Press Secretary talks about release of gun violence proposals. AVAILABLE NOW.

PANETTA: NO US TROOPS IN MALI - Defense secretary commends French intervention, but stresses US will not send troops. AVAILABLE NOW.

FACEBOOK SEARCH - Facebook introduces a new search function, allowing users to search their friends' profiles for other information about people and places.




NY, GUN CONTROL BILL PASSES - New York's new gun control bill has passed the lower house after being approved by the Senate.

CN, SANDY HOOK MOTHER TALKS - Veronique Pozner talks to AP after the launch of a new campaign to prevent gun violence. Note: Expect after 10 p.m. eastern.

CN, WAL-MART ASKED TO STOP ASSAULT WEAPON SALES - Protesters gather outside a Wal-Mart less than 10 miles from Sandy Hook. AVAILABLE NOW.

IL, HUMAN HEADS FOUND AT CHICAGO AIRPORT - A shipment of 18 human heads used for research has been intercepted at O'Hare airport.

PA, PHILLY POLICE: GIRL FOUND, SUSPECT AT LARGE - Police search for a suspect caught on camera removing a child from school. AVAILABLE NOW.

NY, 70-TON SPIRE ARRIVES AT WTC - Workers install the first piece of the spire atop 1 World Trade Center. AVAILABLE NOW.

NY, SCHOOL BUS STRIKE - New York school bus drivers threaten to strike tomorrow - a move that could affect 150,000 students.

IN, HEAVY RAIN FLOODS PARTS OF INDIANA - Floods hit central and southern Indiana after heavy rain. AVAILABLE NOW.

TX, ARMSTRONG CONFESSION 'JUST FIRST STEP' - AP sports writer Jim Vertuno discusses Armstrong's Oprah appearance. AVAILABLE NOW.




UNICEF ENVOY MIA FARROW VISITS SYRIAN REFUGEES - Mia Farrow comments after touring UNICEF relief center in Lebanon. AVAILABLE NOW.

AUSTRALIA ARMSTRONG - State premier says Armstrong is a 'cheat' and should repay taxpayers millions in local race appearance fees. AVAILABLE NOW

AUSTRALIA BUSHFIRES - Firefighters continue to battle a blaze that has destroyed more than 40 homes. AVAILABLE NOW.

SWEDEN TRAIN - A cleaning lady is arrested after crashing a stolen commuter train through the wall of an apartment block. AVAILABLE NOW.

VENEZUELA CHAVEZ - Vice President says ailing Chavez is 'making progress.' AVAILABLE NOW.

SYRIA VIOLENCE - A large explosion tore through the main university in Aleppo Tuesday, causing dozens of casualties. AVAILABLE NOW.

MALI FRENCH - Some 800 French troops arrive in the Mali capital of Bamako. AVAILABLE NOW.

FRANCE 'READY TO PREVENT TERROR STRIKES' - France steps up security in Paris in response to its intervention in Mali. AVAILABLE NOW.

EGYPT TRAIN CRASH - Nineteen people are killed and more than 100 injured in a train derailment south of Cairo. AVAILABLE NOW.




OPRAH WINFREY ON HER ARMSTRONG INTERVIEW - Oprah Winfrey appears on CBS to talk about her interview with Lance Armstrong. AVAILABLE NOW.

MIA FARROW VISITS SYRIAN REFUGEES - Mia Farrow tours UNICEF relief center in Lebanon. AVAILABLE NOW.

NEW SERIES SHOWS CARRIE BRADSHAW AS TEEN - Anna Sophia Robb plays a teen version of the 'Sex in the City' character. AVAILABLE NOW.

MILAN MENS FASHION - Giorgio Armani shows his latest collection at Milan Men's Fashion week.




LUXURY AT LONDON BOAT SHOW - Luxury yachts and Bond-style gadgets feature at one of Europe's biggest boat shows. AVAILABLE NOW.

NEW GLUE CAN HELP FIX BROKEN BONES - Swedish scientists develop a glue that can act as a plaster for complicated bone fractures, eliminating the need for metal plates and screws. AVAILABLE NOW.

BREEDING PROGRAM MAY SAVE BANDICOOT - A new breeding program is helping Australia's bandicoot recover from the brink of extinction. AVAILABLE NOW.


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