Neighbor rescues dogs from house fire


by Natalie Brand

Posted on September 26, 2013 at 9:40 PM

Updated Thursday, Sep 26 at 10:04 PM

MESA, Ariz. -- Bruno, Bella and Bessie may be gray from soot and smoke, but the three dogs are safe in the arms of their owner after a neighbor rescued them from a house fire.

“My heart is overflowing with gratitude for my neighbors!” said Elizabeth Nunez. “They saved my babies.”

Nunez wasn’t home when her Mesa house caught fire, but thankfully her neighbor Tad Zaccard, who lives around the corner, noticed a problem.

“I saw commotion up here, people running back and forth,” said Zaccard. 

He saw fire crews approach one side of the house, but Zaccard walked around the corner and spotted the pets in need of help.

“All of the dogs were at this door, just clawing to get out.  You could see smoke in the background,” said Zaccard.

Zaccard grabbed a chair and managed to shatter the window to let the dogs out.

“I had to get the dogs out, who knows how long they might have had,” said Zaccard.

“I’m still shaking inside,” said Elizabeth Nunez, hours after the fire. “When I walked through (the house), everything is melted like butter.”

The damage to her home makes Nunez all the more thankful that her neighbor rescued what matters most.

“He’s a good neighbor, God bless him,” said Nunez.

Neighbors who knew each other only in passing until Thursday.

“I feel it’s important especially in these days and times that everyone sticks together and helps each other out," said Zaccard.  "If you see something going on or happening to another person, family member, or in this case animals, just jump in there and help out if you can.”