ASU students take on $2 Challenge


by Javier Soto

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Posted on April 8, 2014 at 12:35 PM

Updated Thursday, Apr 10 at 10:44 AM

MESA, Ariz. -- More than 40 students at Arizona State University's Polytechnic campus in Mesa and the West campus in Glendale will abstain from modern-day luxuries and challenge themselves to live on $2 a day for the rest of the week.

It's called the $2 Challenge, and it's designed to raise  awareness about those living in poverty while raising money for Esperança, an international public health organization dedicated to helping families in the world's poorest communities.

"It's very powerful to step in someone's shoes, especially for students to appreciate what they have," said ASU student mentor Dida, who has taken the challenge three times.

Why $2? According to research, more than 45 percent of the rest of the world live off $2 a day.

This five-day event requires students to live in cardboard confines without all their luxuries. The national experiment is an exercise to give students an opportunity to step out of their daily lives and more tangibly reflect upon the daily and prolonged challenges of living in poverty while raising awareness and funds to support economic development organizations.

Those who work with Esperança see this poverty on their missions of aid all the time.

"When you see these people with no electricity, no water, no toilets and makeshift housing, a light bulb goes off," Tom Egan explained.

The hope is for five days, right in the middle of the ASU Polytechnic campus, others will recognize the continuing struggles of the rest of the world and want to help.

You can donate or sponsor the dozens of students taking the challenge by going to