Tempe's Hayden Flour Mill opening soon


by Marcy McMacken


Posted on May 14, 2012 at 1:08 PM

Updated Monday, May 21 at 6:35 PM

Map: Hayden Flour Mill
Mill Ave. & Rio Salado Pkwy

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TEMPE, Ariz. -- After nearly 15 years of standing abandoned on Mill Avenue near Tempe's Town Lake, the city of Tempe is taking down the chain link fence surrounding the Hayden Flour Mill, and is allowing people on its grounds.

Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman says thanks to volunteers and with help from funds raised by the Rio Salado Foundation, clean-up and restorations on the flour mill's grounds are almost complete. The work started about a year ago.

When the fence is taken down, people won't be allowed to actually go inside the mill, but they will be able to enjoy the surrounding grounds and take a look inside the flour mill through its windows.

The City of Tempe says that the mill has a special historical significance because it was one of Tempe's first businesses when Charles Trumbull Hayden opened it in 1874. 

Plans for the mill include providing picnic areas, a concert stage, the ability to host weddings and cultural and business events and even provide an area for watching movies. 

The grand opening of the Hayden Flour Mill is scheduled for Tuesday, May 22.