Scottsdale 16 paid to party and add sparkle to events


by Sybil Hoffman

Posted on November 21, 2012 at 10:35 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 21 at 10:40 PM

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- They're invited to all the hottest events and getting paid to be there.

3TV takes a closer look at the women known as the Scottsdale 16 and the marketing concept that's catapulting the group into semi-stardom.

Whether it's entertaining crowds at a kids party or mingling with fans at US Airways Arena, the Scottsdale 16 girls can't help but get noticed.

Steve LeVine is the CEO of Steve LeVine Entertainment and Public Relations.

"Scottsdale has an aura to it. It's the land of the pretty people," LeVine said.

In an effort to cash in on that image, LeVine created Scottsdale 16. He describes it as "A group of 16 atmosphere models paid to appear at parties, socialize and add sparkle to events."

"Our girls are classy, our girls are smart, our girls do a great job and represent us very well and I'm proud of what we have and if it makes my business a little sexier than it makes our business a little sexier you know," LeVine explained.

And being sexy means success, as Scottsdale 16 has acquired a healthy list of clients since launching a few years ago.

Susie Qiel is the event coordinator.

"It doesn't feel like work," Qiel noted.

"On occasion there's times when they'll get paid to party and be part of the crowd," LeVine added.

But LeVine said they mostly work as promoters.

"It's not really where we pay hot girls to hang out in the crowd and you don't know who's paid and who's not paid, that is not it at all," he said.

They're promoters, they're hosts of the night.

"If we do bring up well you know we're here and we do make a little bit of money, maybe they're a little bit surprised but they're also like 'wow, how do I get that gig?' Especially if it's guys, girls have it made in Scottsdale and we do," said Qiel.

The girls are also enjoying a bit of celebrity status themselves.

"I think sometimes I'll have people that will say oh you're with Scottsdale 16 and they'll recognize our
group of girls especially at the Mint, for example, when you walk in there's a table of six beautiful girls and a lot of times people will say, oh that must be Scottsdale 16," Qiel explained.