Football coach accused of assault, lawyer speaks


by 3TV

Video report by Stella Inger

Posted on April 25, 2013 at 9:43 PM

Updated Friday, Apr 26 at 8:18 AM

GILBERT, Ariz. -- A legendary football coach in the East Valley is in trouble with the law.

Daniel Dunn, who is now teaching math at Gilbert High School, is accused of assaulting a student in class.

According to the police report, Dunn was allegedly yelling at a student in class when a second student started to laugh.

Dunn is accused of hitting the student who was laughing in his face and yelling, “I told you to shut up, damn it.”

Dunn’s attorney, Nathaniel Carr, spoke to 3TV about the allegations and said he expects his client will be exonerated.

“Mr. Dunn has remained consistent with his story all the way through,” said Carr. “It was an incidental contact situation and at no time did he intentionally touch this man.”

Dunn’s coaching career includes stops at Gilbert High, Payson High, and Mesa Community College.

Carr said Dunn has helped educate generations across the Valley, and he's eager for people to know the truth.

“He just wants the truth to be known,” said Carr.

Dunn has been placed on administrative leave while the investigation continues.