Charges filed against couple after stolen luggage found at Waddell home


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Posted on November 19, 2009 at 4:55 PM

Map: Stolen luggage investigation

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UPDATE: County Attorney Andrew Thomas announced 45 counts have been filed against Keith King and Stacy Legg King. Counts include theft, burglary and trafficking in stolen property.

County Attorney Thomas stated, “We appreciate the hard work of police in uncovering
these alleged thefts and we will work to make sure this case is thoroughly prosecuted.”

ORIGINAL: PHOENIX -- Two people are in custody, accused of stealing about 1,000 bags from Sky Harbor International Airport.

Police say Keith King, 62, and Stacy Legg-King, 38, were arrested Monday afternoon in Waddell.

The investigation started after an officer noticed a man walking out of Sky Harbor with luggage that didn't appear to be his. Police questioned him and placed him under arrest.

He was released, but then went back to the airport a few weeks later and was spotted again. Police followed him to a home near 175th and Glendale avenues where they found hundreds of pieces of luggage that belongs to other people.

Neighbors said they weren't surprised by the arrest. They said that King would leave at night with a horse trailer and return with it full of merchandise.

Both King and Legg-King are facing charges of burglary and tampering with evidence.

If you believe you were a victim, call 602-495-7808.