Bobcat family at home in front yard of Fountain Hills house


by Catherine Holland

Posted on June 15, 2011 at 11:54 AM

Updated Friday, Nov 22 at 2:49 PM

FOUNTAIN HILLS, Ariz. -- For the past 10 years, Ginger Croutch has had a family of bobcats in the front yard of her Fountain Hills home.

This year's mother has four kittens, which is the largest litter Croutch says she seen. The family showed up on June 6.

Not only do they hang out in the front yard, they also climb the trees and get on to the roof, clearly visible through the skylight.

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Bobcat family

"I have pictures of their feet -- and them -- up on the skylight and they're jumping and running all over that," Croutch said. "They sound like a herd of elephants running across the rooftop, which, of course, wakes you up."

Croutch said mama bobcat and her babies will be moving on soon, and she'll be sorry to see them go.

"This batch I'm going to miss because I've never seen four," she said, explaining that two or three in a litter is typical.

"This mama ... is very thin and very small," Croutch continued. "For her to have four and they've all survived, that's pretty unique just in that."

Croutch said bobcat moms have been bringing their litters to her front yard for years, and in all that time she's never had a problem with them. The Croutches say they are looking forward to sharing their front yard with another bobcat family next year.