Doctors declare woman's survival miraculous


by Erika Flores

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Posted on May 9, 2014 at 6:13 PM

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- A woman passes out, her heart quivering, and it's a race against time to keep her alive.

Doctors said she was dying not for seconds but 26 minutes.

They are calling her survival a miracle, something science cannot explain.

Debbie Biggles was about to wash a goldendoodle at the grooming salon where she works right before she started passing out.

"That's all I remember," she said. "Everyone is telling me all of this stuff and it's like that couldn't have happened to me. It just couldn't have."

But it did just this past Saturday morning at Kosmo’s Doghouse.

Dr. Kurt Solem said she had a cardiac arrest.

"It was the worst feeling in my life walking in and seeing her like that,” said Chelsea Loucks, Biggles' coworker. "She kind of slid down kind of trying to catch her breath and then she ended up falling right here."

Loucks said Biggles’ face was blue and purple, and she wasn’t moving at all.

Loucks said coworkers went for help and she started giving Biggles CPR, all while singing "Staying Alive" in her head to keep the compressions on beat.

"Ha ha ha ha staying alive, staying alive. Ha ha ha ha staying alive," Loucks sang. "I kept doing that until the ambulance came."

Solem said Biggles’ heart was beating irregularly and for 26 minutes, she was dying.

“I consider it to be literally a miracle," he said of her recovery.

He said it's especially miraculous since Biggles survived without brain damage.

“That 26-minute time frame, though, is really too long for the brain to survive intact,” Solem said.

Judee Biggles calls said her daughter's recovery "the absolute best, best Mother's Day present" she has ever received.

Debbie Biggles will be in surgery Saturday to get an implanted defibrillator, so that her heart will be shocked back to beating regularly if this ever happens again.