Blasting back fat


by Heidi Powell, Special to

GMAZ interview by Yetta Gibson

Posted on April 15, 2013 at 12:06 PM

Updated Tuesday, Oct 29 at 9:27 PM

PHOENIX --  First, you have understand that back fat, like all body fat, is simply a layer of extra energy blanketing the body. Back fat, however, gives us those unwanted back rolls above our belt lines and creases under the armpits. 

Here's the catch:  We can't isolate and burn the layer of energy on top, simply by contracting the muscles underneath - the myth is called 'spot reduction' and it simply isn't true! 

What we can do is this:  We can focus on developing the beautiful muscles underneath, and then reduce the thickness of the blanket of energy on top - by eating fewer calories than we take in and forcing fat loss!

Here are my favorite muscle-shaping back exercises:

Deadlift - the ultimate back (and total body) exercise
Points of performance: Weight on heels
Shoulders down, back, & locked in place (engaging lats)
Chest up & lumbar curve (about a 45 degree angle)
Raise hips until you feel hamstrings engage, then pull

Bodyweight Row
Points of performance: Body rigid like a plank and abs tight (scale to a 45 degree angle with feet on ground and pulling against Olympic barbell in the power rack there)
Underhand grip or overhand (either one works)
Pull with the elbows

Pull Up/Lat Pull down (You can do a band pull-down here too)
Points of Performance: Overhand grip (width should be the distance between hands when elbows are at a 90 degree angle)
Keep body rigid and abs tight (slight lumbar curve)
Pull with the elbows until the movement stops
Now when it comes to reducing that layer, follow these three simple rules.

  1. Eat breakfast and smaller frequent meals every 3 hours afterward
  2. Reduce your sugar intake significantly
  3. Drink more water!

Say goodbye to that back fat and hello to your summer bod.

Heidi Powell is a trainer, a life coach and a healthy living expert. For more information or fitness tips, check out You also can follow Powell on Twitter -- @RealHeidiPowell.