Caught on video: Teen attacked inside high school


by Crystal Cruz

Posted on March 17, 2012 at 6:39 AM

Updated Saturday, Mar 17 at 10:08 PM

Map: Mohave High School

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BULLHEAD CITY, Ariz. -- A video from inside Mohave High School is going viral.

You can see and hear the crowd in the video chanting for more during the attack of a student.

"I was angry and shocked that somebody would videotape it, and all these kids around that probably knew my kid just stood there and watched," said the victim’s father, Julian Perez.

The beating of Perez's daughter, 14, was then posted online.

You can hear the teenager yelling for her attacker to get off of her.

A school official finally stepped in to pull the girls apart.

Perez said two attacks at school and the online video have his daughter shaken.

"I heard it straight from my daughter's mouth on Thursday. She just wanted everything to end. She just kept saying why me?” said Perez.

The father said the bullying started when his daughter tried breaking off a friendship with a group of girls.

"Their mentality was nobody un-friends us, we un-friend them," said Perez.

School officials told us they can't talk about specific students, and sent us their policy on bullying.

“Like I told the principal, I'm not a stupid parent that's just going to let things like this happen especially in my community and in my area and especially with my kid," said Perez.

Nikki Koontz with Teen Lifeline said technology makes it hard for victims to escape bullying.

“They are around it 24-7, between their phones and their computers,” said Koontz.

For the victim of the high school attack, the viral video is a constant reminder of that day.

“We need to teach them how to stand up for themselves not in a violent way but in a way that enables them to walk away with some sort of empowerment,” said Koontz.

The clinician also said its important for parents to teach their children to respect others.

Perez said he reported his daughter's attack to police and pulled his child out of the school.

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