Mother of teen exorcists talks on-camera for first time


by Crystal Cruz

Posted on April 7, 2012 at 1:29 PM

Updated Saturday, Apr 7 at 2:36 PM

Jenny Scherkenback trusts Rev. Bob Larson, a self taught exorcist, with two of the most special people in her life.

“I was so thankful really that they chose something this in depth, this deep.  This is really devoted work for our lord,” said Scherkenback.

A year ago Jenny's two daughters and their friend Brynne Larson, 17, went to Brynne's father with a request.

“We begged him to teach us.  We had to convince him to teach us. He was very hesitant,” said Brynne.

The reverend runs the national ‘Spiritual Freedom Church’ destroying demons for donations.

At first Farson said no.

“It's dangerous.  It can be physically dangerous.  It's not understood, criticized, not well received by the church at large,” said Larson.

The 67-year-old man eventually gave in.

Online you can find videos of the trio and Larson performing exorcisms on people.

The people claiming to be possessed are sometimes restrained as the girls and their teacher all shout and wave crosses around the possessed person.

Scherkenback is content with her daughters becoming exorcists.

“I feel more at ease about where they are in their lives than ever before.  Because they are doing God's work at that's a great place to be,” said Scherkenback.

Scherkenback said her 15-year-old son is interested in exorcisms too.

“He's asked too. We'll know when the right time for him to jump in will be,” said Scherkenback.

The Scottsdale girls and the reverend have been featured on Anderson Cooper, Inside Addition and ABC’s Dateline.

Larson also said a representative from the Dr. Phil show called him Friday to book him and the girls for the show.