Woman run over by light rail speaks out from hospital bed


by Christine LaCroix


Posted on April 16, 2013 at 4:02 PM

Updated Thursday, Apr 18 at 5:28 PM

Map: Woman hit by light rail

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PHOENIX  -- A valley woman run over by the light rail Is speaking out tonight about her ordeal. Shannon Pogue talked to 3TV's Christine LaCroix from her hospital bed.

It was a rider's worst nightmare: getting hit by the light rail train, and getting pinned underneath. It happened to Shannon last Tuesday in Tempe, and she wound up in the hospital. "Broken wrist, a lot of facial bruising, my mouth got cut open," she says, explaining her injuries.

Firefighters and Tempe police worked together to free Shannon, who was trapped between the rails and the train, and was suffering a serious head wound. "The back of my head, the gashes have a dozen or more staples."

It's not clear how she got pinned under the train. Shannon says she doesn't remember anything about the accident or anything leading up to it. She says she thinks her mind just blocked out the trauma. "I don't know what happened," she says. "I don't remember, and I don't remember what happened for the next day and a half."

Shannon says her first memory is waking up in the hospital on Wednesday. "I had no idea I was under the train," she says. "I had no idea." 

Shannon, who is homeless, says getting hit by a light rail train was the last thing she needed. "Now I have no home to go to and i just have to find a way to be strong enough to get back on my feet."

Doctors say Shannon is doing well and they expect she'll be released from the hospital in the next few days.