Removal of three large pine trees upsets neighbors


by Amanda Goodman

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Posted on June 19, 2014 at 7:19 PM

Updated Thursday, Jun 19 at 7:21 PM

Map: La Casa Royale condos

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PHOENIX -- The removal of three large pine trees in a central Phoenix neighborhood has some people upset.

"I thought maybe they were just trimming, but I checked with some neighbors and I found that instead they were cutting down all three which was very upsetting to me because that is part of the beauty and the value of the neighborhood," said Lisa.

Lisa lives down the street from the La Casa Royale condos at the corner of Bethany Home Road and 11th Avenue, where the trees are located.

She is not thrilled about the trees being cut down.

"It takes a lifetime for a tree to get to that size," she said.

Connor Doyle, a representative at CID Management, the company that runs the condos, told 3TV the three trees are a massive hazard.

He said not only are they too large for the property but that they have they caused damage to properties around them.

In addition, he said they also require a lot of water.

Doyle said the process for removing the trees started two months ago with open meetings held for the residents.

According to Doyle, there were no objections to the removal when the decision was finalized.

Some of the people who live in the condos told 3TV off camera that they were sad to see the trees go.

Doyle says the homeowners association plans to transition to xeriscape landscaping in an effort to conserve water and reduce costs.

"I think the benefits of mature trees outweigh anything else," Lisa said.

While there is nothing Lisa can do about these three pine trees, she said she will take action if others end up on the chopping block.

"I'm not quite ready to give it up," she said.