Queen Creek firefighters use Fido Bag to save goose stung by bees

Fido Bag used on goose

Credit: The Fetch Foundation

Ashton Caudle with the Queen Creek Fire Department gave the goose oxygen.


by Jennifer Thomas


Posted on April 24, 2014 at 2:23 PM

Updated Monday, Apr 28 at 6:43 PM

QUEEN CREEK, Ariz. – Queen Creek firefighters used a Fido Bag to save a goose that had been stung during a bee attack last month.

Firefighters responded to a bee call near Ellsworth and Chandler Heights roads on March 29. Eight people were stung, but none had adverse reactions.

The firefighters foamed the bees, which were very aggressive.

While on the property, which is home to various livestock, firefighters flipped over a tire and found a goose covered in bees, according to Ashton Caudle with the Queen Creek Fire Department. He said the goose was lethargic.

Firefighters hosed the goose off then Caudle gave it oxygen from the Fido Bag.

"The goose came around and started honking more," Caudle said.

Marie Peck with The Fetch Foundation said Fido Bags contain first aid equipment specially designed for animals.

Fido Bags have been instrumental in saving several pets caught in house fires over the past few months.

Peck said the Queen Creek Fire Department received their Fido Bags less than six weeks ago. A Fido Bag includes an oxygen mask, bandages, leashes, burn sheets, rinsing saline and other items.

The Fetch Foundation will be delivering Fido Bags to Prescott Valley and Prescott fire departments on Monday.

"In cases such as fires, automobile accidents, etc., firefighters need special tools on their trucks to save your best four-legged friend's life just as they would you," Peck said.