Protesters chain themselves across road near Snowbowl


by Jennifer Thomas

Posted on August 8, 2011 at 11:08 AM

Updated Tuesday, Aug 9 at 8:27 AM

Map: Arizona Snowbowl

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FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. – Nearly a dozen protesters were arrested Monday morning after they chained themselves together and blocked the road leading to Arizona Snowbowl.
The protesters locked themselves together using chains, pipes and three 55-gallon drums filled with cement. They also placed logs around themselves to further block Snowbowl Road.
The group was protesting snowmaking with reclaimed water, according to the Coconino County Sheriff's Office.

The protesters want to stop the destruction of the environment and desecration of sacred indigenous lands, according to Flagstaff resident Klee Benally.
Uniformed officers told the protesters they were trespassing and asked them to voluntarily unlock themselves. They refused and public safety personnel cut the chains and devices then removed the protesters and objects from the roadway, according to sheriff's office officials.
Ten people were arrested for trespassing and obstructing a public thoroughfare. They were transported to the Coconino County Detention Facility.
In addition to CCSO, the Department of Public Safety, Flagstaff Police Department, Summit Fire Department and Guardian Medical responded to the scene.
This is the second incident of protesters being arrested for trespassing on Snowbowl property since June 16.