Phoenix man says Penn State officials ignored his claims of sexual abuse


by Stacey Delikat

Posted on November 16, 2011 at 10:24 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 16 at 10:25 PM

PHOENIX, Ariz.--A Phoenix man has come forward, saying he was molested by a Penn State professor three decades ago.

Paul McLaughlin, 45, says when he contacted University officials years later to report the abuse, they ignored him.

After the story broke about sexual abuse allegations against former Penn State Football Coach Jerry Sandusky, McLaughlin flew to State College, PA to show solidarity with the other victims and rally for policy change.

McLaughlin says he was just 12 and living in Delaware when a neighbor introduced him to Penn State professor John "Jack" Neisworth.

He says over the course of five years Neisworth molested him at his home and in various buildings on the Penn State Campus.

McLaughlin says the abuse only stopped when his family moved.

He says he repressed the memories for years but in 2001 confronted Neisworth on the phone. He was recording as Neisworth allegedly admitted to the sexual abuse.

McLaughlin says he then contacted Penn State Officials, including former University President Graham Spanier, but they all brushed him away.

"They were very hostile, they didn't want to hear it, they refused to accept the tapes I'd made of Neisworth, " McLaughlin said.

He said he believes there is a culture of secrecy on the university campus.

"They want to make this go away, make it disappear," he said.  "They're more concerned with the reputation of the school than they are with what's happening to these kids."

3TV was unable to reach a Penn State spokesperson for a response. University Officials told ABC News earlier this week that they had no comment on McLaughlin's allegations.

McLaughlin was in Harrisburg, PA this week, lobbying state legislators there to pass a law that would eliminate the statute of limitations for child sex abuse.