Phoenix Girl Scout sells cookies outside pot dispensary


by Jared Dillingham

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Posted on February 22, 2014 at 12:07 PM

Updated Saturday, Feb 22 at 12:20 PM

PHOENIX -- Following the lead of an enterprising Girl Scout in San Francisco, an 8-year-old Phoenix girl has set up a cookie stand outside a medical marijuana dispensary.

"Well my top goal is 600 ... or 700 (boxes)," Lexi Carney told 3TV while stationed outside the TruMed pot dispensary at 40th Street and McDowell Road.

Heidi Carney, Lexi's mother, heard about the success of the 13-year-old California Girl Scout and, with only a few days left to sell cookies, decided to give it a try.

Carney is hoping to capitalize on pot dispensary customers who have the munchies.

"I've seen (medical marijuana patients) buying multiple boxes. At the grocery store or drug store, it's hard to get people to buy several at a time," she said.

Lexi has been successful so far, selling 76 boxes in just a couple hours Friday night.

Carney told her daughter TruMed is a doctor's office and is brushing off critics who say a dispensary is no place for a Girl Scout cookie sale.

TruMed staff have been supportive of Lexi and purchased a box for each customer who came in Friday.

"I think it really is truly just helping the Girl Scouts and ... doing something for them," said Lauren Gooding, who works at TruMed. "I think she's going to sell a lot of cookies."

Girl Scout officials in Colorado told troops to stay away from marijuana dispensaries, but Carney said she hasn't heard from Arizona officials on the matter.

Lexi and her parents will return Saturday afternoon.