Photos: Man climbs Gilbert water tower


by Jennifer Thomas

Video report by Yetta Gibson

Posted on April 29, 2013 at 11:40 AM

Updated Wednesday, May 1 at 11:37 AM

Map: Gilbert water tower

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GILBERT, Ariz. -- A man was taken into police custody after he climbed up the Gilbert water tower Monday morning.

Donald Christie, 35, spent more than an hour climbing up and down the water tower near Gilbert and Elliot roads.

An employee at a nearby market saw the man and notified police. The man was wearing shorts, a hat and had his shirt off.

"He did make it inside the tower," said Gilbert police spokesman Sgt. Jesse Sanger. "He did break some items up there."

Police do not know why Christie climbed the tower, but Sanger said he may have been under the influence of drugs.

"I can't imagine being up there in the sun next to that metal, had to be extremely hot," Sanger said. "I think that's why eventually he came down, luckily safely. He was not injured at all and no officers were injured."

Christie was taken to an ambulance as a precaution. Sanger believes he was being treated for dehydration.

At this time, it is unknown if Christie will face any charges.