Man, 69, rescued from Camelback Mountain


by Erika Flores

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Posted on July 20, 2014 at 6:47 AM

PHOENIX -- A man on Camelback Mountain could not finish his hike and needed to be rescued on Saturday.
'Mel, I can't make it,' and that was it," Mel Torres said that’s the call she got from her 69-year-old father when he took a hike on the Echo Canyon trail on Saturday.

"My dad came out here to help me with my operation, and he likes the mountains so he went up the mountain,” she said.

She said he went prepared.

"He had a Camelback with 2 liters of water plus an extra bottle," she said.

But that didn't keep the New York resident from feeling exhausted in the Arizona heat.

"He looks and is in phenomenal shape," said Phoenix fire captain Ruben Saavedra. “He's an avid hiker does quite a bit, but coming to Arizona, the heat that we’re having here again he was a little overwhelmed by that. He even admitted to us that it caught up with him. He didn't expect to be overheating like he was."

Torres said she panicked when she got her dad’s call.

"I tried to find him on "find a friend" app on iPhone, and I couldn't find him so I quickly called him back and told him to turn on his cellular and that's how I found him."

When rescuers got there, she said they used the phone to find him.

Helicopters located him near the three quarters of the way up the mountain.

He was hoisted up, brought down to the landing zone, given IV therapy, then he was taken to the hospital in an ambulance for heat exhaustion.