Machinist Careers


by Jay Crandall

Posted on May 13, 2014 at 2:56 PM

Updated Tuesday, May 13 at 2:59 PM

Imagine employers lining up looking for workers. If you have the right skills it is happening...
Usually, it's workers doing the lining up, but in this case, It's a little different, because;  there's one industry where companies are looking for the worker.

But to get your start in this field you don't have to go to college, Instead, try a trade school.

     Whether you are out of work or stuck in a dead end job, Alex Kollitz says
your answer might be drilling into something new, “Most people  when when I was there at the skills center had jobs before they graduated or completed their last skill. The market out there is just asking and begging for machinists.”

You  heard him right, machinist are in big demand, “Once you know the skill of being a machinist  you can go to aerospace,  you can go to automotive, you can go to mold making, plastics,  you can go to oil you can move around. “ says Kollitz.
And he  speaks from experience. Several years ago he found himself in a job he didn't enjoy... at the same time he was spending lots of money on parts for something he did enjoy,  ATV  racing. “And i thought this is not the right way to go,” he remembers ,”because, i enjoy that sort of thing, but i didn't know how to do it.”

The answer for Kollitz was the Maricopa Skills Center, located at Gateway Community College, where they teach both computer controlled and manual machining.   And Kollitz says don’t automatically say that is not for you, “ Difficulty level no,  it is not a problem to learn it. The problem comes from within, if you have a drive to learn, you will learn it. If you don't have the skills the instructors there are great, they will take you through the process. “
In  courses that take a year or less on average you  can be workforce ready.
Kollitz took his skills and started “Warp off-road,” and he's already making and selling parts for ATV’s.
“It is going to be the front end suspension i have created fairly unique suspension out the in the industry right now,” he tells us.

And he says no matter what you're interested in, you can find a maching job that somehow ties into it....while securing a job that will last you a lifetime, “Machining and manufacturing  there is nothing better in this country than to have a strong manufacturing base, it will always be around. “

  The skills center tells us pay for new grads right out of school averages about 35-thousand dollars a year.