Massive crane falls on Phoenix home


by Mike Watkiss

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Posted on February 18, 2013 at 6:03 PM

Updated Friday, Feb 22 at 6:51 PM

Map: Crane on house

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PHOENIX -- A home in northwest Phoenix was destroyed when a massive crane collapsed and fell through the roof.

"I watched it. It was going boom on top of the house. It was very scary. It was awful." said homeowner Gloria Escamillo.

The crews were installing a new air conditioning unit. But before they could get the old unit secured it appears a giant pin on the crane broke and the crane's massive arm dropped right on the roof.

The crane company brought in two more cranes to clear up the mess.

"We don't know what happened but we're here to kind of take care of everything and make sure everybody is safe," said George Schalk with Smiley Crane.

For now, the gaping hole in the roof of the home is covered with a big blue tarp. Hopefully that will be enough to keep what's not damaged inside the home from getting soaked when it rains on Wednesday.

Nobody was hurt. The Escamillios got out of the home safely along with their dog.

"I don't feel good about it but it happens and we'll take care of it," said Gabriel Escamillio Jr.

The Escamillios said that they were told by the fire marshal that nobody can go inside the home until it is inspected by a structural engineer.

Gabriel and Gloria Escamillio have lived in that home for 30 years.They will be spending the next few days with family.