Firefighter arrested for allegedly transporting marijuana


by Erika Flores

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Posted on June 30, 2014 at 9:58 PM

Updated Tuesday, Jul 1 at 11:10 AM

PHOENIX -- A Phoenix Firefighter was arrested after officers allegedly found marijuana in the bed of his truck.

According to court documents, special agents were watching a home on North 24th Lane.

They reportedly saw Cary Cole put trash bags in the bed of his truck.

Officers then stopped him during a traffic stop, reportedly smelled marijuana and took him back to the special agents who were at the home, so that they could talk to him.

Officers then reportedly found a large bale of marijuana in the trash bags. It was reportedly about 20 pounds of marijuana.

Neighbors said they saw the commotion when DEA agents were closing in on this home.

They said they even saw what appeared to be an undercover vehicle in the neighborhood for hours scoping out the area.

Cary Cole reportedly lived in Glendale, but when 3TV knocked on his door, his family said they did not want to comment about what happened.

Another neighbor who lives near Cole's home said Cole grew up with her daughter, and he was a nice boy. She said she's surprised to hear what happened.

The Phoenix Fire Department confirmed Cary Cole is a Phoenix firefighter, but they didn’t say whether he would be terminated after his arrest.