Children's Museum of Phoenix flooded during storm


by Christina O'Haver

Posted on August 13, 2014 at 7:18 PM

Updated Friday, Aug 15 at 12:04 PM

Map: Children's Museum of Phoenix

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PHOENIX -- The Children's Museum of Phoenix is cleaning up after thousands of gallons of water poured into its atrium during Tuesday's monsoon storms.

The museum, located near Seventh and Van Buren streets in downtown Phoenix, has closed its first floor and three-story climbing structure temporarily. The rest of the museum is open.

"I got a call that our downstairs was flooding and when I got here, we had about 4 inches of water down in our main exhibit floor," said museum CEO Kate Wells. "The water was pouring in from the outside through our glass door."

The nonprofit museum operates out of a city-owned building, and Wells said the City of Phoenix quickly got workers out to the property to begin pumping the water out.

"Unfortunately, it was so much water that we're going to have to close the first floor down for at least a few days," she said. "Our carpet is definitely ruined. ... We're hoping to salvage the drywall that's around the area that was flooded."

To help replace the carpet, the museum is asking the public to "adopt a carpet square" for $50 each. Wells said about 1,000 carpet squares are needed to cover the 3,400-square-foot area.

The museum will use sandbags to protect the building from more storms this summer and is also looking into long-term solutions.

"We're looking for funding to be able to improve our drainage system off our roof and in the areas that are prone to flooding," she said. "We've always wanted a water exhibit; we just didn't want it that way."