Catastrophic damage after storm causes roof collapse at Boys & Girls Club office


by Catherine Holland

Video report by Heidi Goitia

Posted on August 13, 2014 at 10:46 AM

Updated Friday, Aug 15 at 12:04 PM

Map: 2645 N. 24th St., Phoenix

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PHOENIX -- The latest round of monsoon storms caused the roof of the Boys & Girls Club of Metro Phoenix administration building to cave in.

The offices are located at 24th Street and Thomas Road. The cleaning crew called the staff to report a little bit of water damage.

"Our facilities person drove in an hour to the facility and walked into what you see here today," spokeswoman Lariana Forsythe said, gesturing to exposed wiring and ductwork where several ceiling panels fell.

Those soaked tiles were scattered all over the floor, and there was standing water about 6 inches deep on both floors.

"It's a disaster," Forsythe said.

About 20 people work in the building. They are not allowed inside for safety reasons.

"You can see the air-conditioning ductwork here," Forsythe explained to 3TV's Heidi Goitia. "All of that is actually collapsed in and hanging down from the ceiling on the second level. It looks like it's going to fall on your head at any second."

It's not clear how long the extensive repairs will take. An insurance adjuster is expected to take a look at the site later Wednesday.

Forsythe said senior staffers were able to save the documents that are essential to keeping some of their programs, including one that provides meals for children, up and running.

In addition, a signed painting of Muhammad Ali worth about $70,000 came through the roof collapse and subsequent damage unscathed. The painting was donated for the Boys & Girls Club of Metro Phoenix to sell at an upcoming auction.

"It was one of the first things that we needed to make sure was safe," Forsythe said. "It was actually in my office, which is completely destroyed."

Although the damage to the building is considerable, nobody was hurt.

While staffers will work out of various club locations or from home for the immediate future, Forsythe said they are looking for a 5,000-square-foot space where everybody can be under one roof.

The Boys & Girls Club of Metro Phoenix serves 23,000 children in grades K-12.



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