Ariz. girl, father put safety first when it comes to guns


by Brandon Lee

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Posted on August 29, 2014 at 10:27 AM

Updated Monday, Sep 1 at 8:58 AM

PHOENIX – There have been mixed reactions since a 9-year-old girl learning to use an Uzi at an Arizona shooting range accidentally shot her instructor in the head earlier this week.

Plenty of Arizona parents who want their kids to know how to use guns are starting them very slowly.

One Arizona girl and her father are trying to put safety first and they say that's the key.

With the right training, the right weapon and the right supervision, they believe 9 years old is not too young to be shooting a weapon.

You can hear it in her voice and see it in her hands, 11-year old Aubrey Cain knows a lot about guns.

Her dad, John, is a range safety officer in Flagstaff. He started Aubrey with an airsoft gun at the age of 8.

"They're great tools to train with," he said. "The slides moves, the safeties work."

He said the key to safety with kids is teaching the basics first.

"I get compliments all the time on how safe she is and her safety."

In John Cain's opinion, the takeaway from the tragedy at the Arizona shooting range is that everyone -- parents, kids and instructors -- should know their limitations with guns.

That means beginners probably shouldn't be handling Uzis. 

"It's not the little girl's fault," John Cain said. "I hope she doesn't carry that with her throughout her life.  That's a lack of instruction and poor judgment."

Aubrey Cain has moved from an airsoft gun that shoots pellets to a real 22-caliber.

"It's a single action and a double action," she said.

Aubrey said she's glad her dad is teaching her slowly.

"It was hard at first just because my hands were so small, but once I grew into it, it was much easier," she said.


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