New trend in food trucks


by Jay Crandall

Posted on April 4, 2013 at 10:35 PM

Updated Thursday, Apr 4 at 4:54 PM

PHOENIX -- Could it be the new way to shop for groceries? Lining up to buy them out of the back of a truck.

For some people, when it comes to buying meat, it's the only way to go,

“It is not weird”, said Brian Carter as he lined up with hundreds of others to do something that looks a little strange.

"We are picking up some chicken, “ said Carter.

“I am picking up chicken,” said another woman. 

“My wife sent me up to pick up chicken,” added Tom Clayton

And while just picking up chicken isn't so strange, picking it up from the back of a rented truck, in a church parking lot, is a little different.

“There is no warehouse. This is the warehouse," said Dan Stafford of Zaycon Foods. “Zaycon is a new modern fast and efficient way to buy food, premium quality food at a less price.”

Four years ago, Zaycon hatched the idea of organized events like this, where people pick up fresh meat.

“It is genrally 7 days old from the warehouse, where it is processed, to the backseat of your car,” Stafford explained.

By contrast, several studies have found meat in supermarkets can be up to 20 days old.

Through word of mouth, Zaycon has slowly added events in state after state, including Arizona.

Customers seem sold on the quality.

“I have done research," Nancy Ryback said. “I know friends who have done this, and I know it is a healthy alternative to feed my children.“

 “I find that it is more nutritious. I love that they last longer, “ proclaimed Connie Godon.

Which  explains how these chickens hit the road, but not really why they are up for sale from the back of a truck.

“We cut out two, three, four middlemen,” said Stafford. ”Instead of making 18, 20 percent on a product, they are content with making eight, seven, six, percent on the product.”

And Stafford says that means big savings, as customers go on-line and place thier order for pick-up.

“Compared to what you can buy in the store the breasts are really large, they are so big you almost have to cut them in half. It is an exceptional value. “ Tom Clayton said as he waited to pick up his order.

“Absolutely, it is the cheapest in town. Freshest, we love it.,“ another waiting customer said.

This chicken sold for $1.79 a pound, and there were a lot of pounds to sell.

“Forty-thousand pounds came into Arizona today,” said Stafford.  

“And you'll sell all of that,” 3TV asked.

“This truck will be empty when this is over," Stafford replied.

Which isn't as hard as it sounds because the other catch is you have to buy 40 pounds at a time.

“That is the sweet spot for the producer for Zaycon, and generally for the customer, “ Stafford said.

“My girlfriends and I we do a lot of canning, we love canning the chicken ourselves so it makes it easier to make meals at home, just pull it out of the pantry rather than trying to defrost it and everything,” Connie Gordon said as she waited to pick up her order. “Buying it in big bulk saves you more money. “

So while it may be a little odd, customers seem to think it is certainly nothing to cluck about.

“We tried it once and we've been back ever since, “ Brian Carter said as he drove off with 40 pounds of chicken in his trunk.

If you would like to know more, check out

They also sell beef and pork products. 

You need to check on line to see which products will be sold at each event. All ordering is done  online.