Behind the scenes of the 10 p.m. promo campaign


by Vique Rojas

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Posted on August 17, 2011 at 2:05 PM

Updated Thursday, Dec 5 at 2:07 AM

Tuesday 7/19/11

There’s big news around 3TV:  we’re getting back into the news game at 10pm!  When our department met to divvy up projects, I jumped at the chance to launch this new program. Creative Services Manager Bill Ottinger and I met with News Director Brad Remington to get the lowdown.  He told us that Carey Peña would no longer be reporting for 3 On Your Side and would be co-anchoring the 10PM. And after much searching he had landed on Fields Moseley from KUTV in Utah to be her co-anchor. Hmmm…interesting name. My mind started racing immediately wondering what he would look like or his personality. 

Brad told us that the newscast would take full advantage of Carey’s skill at social networking and technical savvy. With a few buzz words implanted in my brain, I left the meeting excited to talk to Carey to get her input on her new newscast. 

When I got back to my desk I did a search on Fields. Good looking guy with quite a background. A family man who likes to keep in shape. Hope he doesn’t mind mountain biking in 110 degrees!

Wednesday 7/20/11

Bill and I met with Carey today. She is very excited about her new show and I don’t blame her.  I remember when Carey was a student intern and they gave her a chance to turn little features for the 10 o’clock news. Over the years I have really seen her grow into a great journalist. But I think she earned the most respect from me a few years back when she was a major contributor to Good Evening Arizona’s ‘Storytellers’ franchise. 

It’s really important to her that she gets a story right and she tackled some touchy and complicated ones with amazing attention to detail. 

At our meeting she echoed everything Brad had told us, so it was clear they were all on the same page and now the Promotion Department was too.  She had some thoughts on promotion that she shared with us. They might come in handy down the line but I already had my own ‘vision’ forming.

Thursday 7/21-Monday 8/1/11

A pretty solitary time as I write scripts and listen to endless cuts of music for my spots. I wrote a series of scripts. The first phase of promotion was ‘pure tease’. It was to tell people that 3TV was going to have something new at 10 o’clock starting August 22nd. For this I envisioned a point of view shot as the camera worked its way through a house and landed on the TV set with our logo on. The second tease spot was to tease the fact that something new was coming to all the screens in your life:  TV, PC and cell phone. The next set of spots were to introduce talent and to let viewers know that our new program was going to be 3TV News@10PM

I run my initial scripts by Bill Ottinger and after his approval we meet with the Director of Programming Mark Demopoulos. He approves the scripts and then I drop the bomb:  Do we have a budget?

Tuesday 8/2/11

Lori and I were the only ones here for our meeting!  She took a silly photo of me waiting and that was about it. Later that day I had the real meeting with Director of Photography, Shane Sisson and Bill Ottinger. I had decided that since it was a 10PM show that was going to be high energy, I wanted a completely different feel from Good Morning Arizona and Good Evening Arizona. I wanted it to reflect the energy of a big city and felt that a bustling downtown Phoenix at night was the perfect fit for our new program. So this was the meeting were we had to figure out how and when this was all going to happen. 

I wanted a house with a long hall for the TV tease spot and ended up using my mother’s. I thought if we played our cards right, Shane and I might get a great meal while we were there, too! Since the three screens tease spot was kind of a technology message, Bill and I decided it would be all graphics. 

As far as the downtown stuff was concerned, a location scout was in order. Shane had found a great spot in the spring, where we shot Gina Maravilla for her GMAZ spot and I thought that might be a good backdrop for Carey and Fields but wasn’t sure if there was enough room.  We actually shot Gina in the stairwell!

With no time to lose, we decided we would location scout the next night.

Wednesday 8/3/11

Bill, Shane and I rendezvoused at the downtown Phoenix library parking lot at 7:30PM. From there we all climbed into the company car and started looking around. Shane had an overpass in mind where he shot some morning images for our GMAZ campaign. It was pretty cool but we would have had to build talent up quite a bit to get past the high railings. And the top of one of the not so high high-rise looked like a big black hole.

After driving around a bit we ended up right back at that parking lot where we shot Gina. The idea was to do a 2 camera shoot: one camera set up to do a time-lapse of traffic, the other to shoot talent on green screen.  Why shoot a green screen on location?  We wanted talent’s lighting to match up with the surroundings. We were going to key them over the time-lapse. After looking around for a couple of hours we were hot, sweaty, tired but happy to know we had found our location! I took my camera along to take some scouting shots for you but alas had a dead battery.  D’oh!

Thursday 8/4/11

Our station ‘voice’ is Brian Lee out of Florida. Usually we just email him copy and he uploads it to his site and we download it back here. But for this project I wanted to coach him on his read. I sent him the copy and asked him when we could cut it on the phone together. Today my wait begins.

Friday 8/5/11

Our department editor and all around whiz kid, Ryan O’Connell, started working on our graphic ‘3 screen’ tease while Shane and I went out to my Mom’s to shoot the TV.  My Mother and Stepdad hid in their bedroom after all around introductions and talk about lawn care.  (Mom has a green thumb and a beautiful yard, with fruits and vegetables!)

Shane took a run through the house a few times and we were on the way. Our only disappointment? No lunch!  They did offer Shane a beer but being on the job, we declined and were on our way. 

Once back at the station, I ingested the video and let Ryan know where to find it so he could start working his magic. But we still needed Brian Lee’s audio. I wrote him again. 

In the meantime, although we did not yet have a budget approved for a gaffer, I contacted our fave, Bill Kohler, and asked for a quote after giving him the specifics. Then I contacted the City of Phoenix Film Office. You have to let the city know whenever you are going to be shooting downtown. Phil Bradstock at the Film Office helped my secure the lot for Gina’s shoot so I knew he would be a big help the second time around.  lus I needed to get parking for Bill Kohler’s 35 foot truck and for the rest of cast and crew. 

While Bill O. talked to Bill K. about equipment and budget I was busy freaking out because Phil said our permit wasn’t current. I knew that wasn’t true as I had personally renewed it for our GMAZ shoot from Dec. /Jan. of this year and they are good for a year. I pulled my copy and gave Phil the permit number and he found it in the system and said yes we did indeed have a permit.  Whew!  For a second that is. He called me back immediately and said our insurance certificate had lapsed and he needed a new one. Here it was 3:30 on a Friday afternoon, our shoot was Monday night and the certificate needed to come from our ‘mother ship’ in Dallas!  I high tailed it to the accounting office and gave them the specifics. They were much calmer than I and said they didn’t think it would be a problem and sent off the request. I left to go back downtown to check out the parking meters we would need bagged for our shoot.  hil needed to know the exact numbers.  When I got home I emailed him the numbers and wrote Brian Lee again and asked for a time on Monday that we could cut the voice over track.

Sunday 8/7/11

I suddenly had this thought that I did not pick the parking meters closest to the elevator of the parking garage where we were shooting. At sundown I went back out and got closer meters.  I emailed Phil from home again and asked for the change.  The city staff was going to bag those meters first thing Monday morning and I wanted to be sure and get the change to him in time.

Monday 8/8/11

Fields is in the house! I stopped by Carey’s desk and drew her a map of where to go and asked her if she could bring Fields with her for the shoot. Downtown Phoenix has so many one-ways, I didn’t want him to be driving around lost and frustrated. We also went over wardrobe. That afternoon we shot Carey and Fields over green screen. Clark Pace from the Art Department also came to shoot pictures for their billboard and magazine ads.  Fields was great!  Good looking, friendly, smart.  An all around great fit for 3TV.  And he and Carey make a great looking, fresh team.  Still waiting to cut audio with Brian.

Since the parking garage closes at 6PM, Bill, Shane, fellow Producer/Writer Mark Sheridan and I decided to park on top at 5:30 and go down to Crazy Jim’s for dinner. But when we got there it was closed! The next closest place was Five Guys at CityScape. We walked over and had a mini feast.  Here’s a tip for you:  don’t order too many fries! Three of us got small orders and all 5 of us probably ate less than half! They had these little cards for kids to color messages to hang on their message board. I wrote ‘watch Carey & Fields on 3TV’!

Back at the garage the serious set up began. Lori Santa Maria our Technical Advisor and Social Media/Web Marketing guru showed up as did News Director Brad Remington. We did our green screen shoot but Shane discovered that if he got high enough he could get great city lights behind talent, especially on single close ups so we shot that as well. Not shooting audio was a big time saver. As it turns out, the city looked so void of traffic that our time-lapse idea didn’t pan out, so those city back drop shots sure saved the day.

Tuesday 8/9/11

I ingested our night time footage and it really looked great. Ryan finished the TV and 3 screen teases and I got them on air as soon as they were approved. In the meantime I finally caught up with Brian Lee and cut our audio! Then yours truly cut the female voice track. Shane went out at night to shoot downtown scenes. I was going to go with him but had a preview for “The Help” that I needed to see for my Flick Chick movie review segment on Your Life A-Z.  (It is GREAT by the way.  Read my review here!)

Wednesday 8/10/11

I ingested Shane’s night time footage and it looked fantastic. Ryan started to edit and I grabbed a few shots of him in his suite. He edited it on Final Cut and used After Effects to make the graphics.

Thursday 8/11/11

It seemed like a lot of footage but Ryan felt that we need more variety in our shots. I personally would have liked more of a ‘news’ presence. I looked up the schedule of games for downtown.  There weren’t any when Shane went on Wednesday and the city looked pretty dead. I looked up the schedule and told Shane there were games on both Friday and Saturday nights and that since he’s a family man that he could call the ball. This time I would be going out with him.

Friday 8/12/11

Shane wanted to shoot tonight so I met him at the station at 7:30 p.m. and we headed out. I drove while he sat in the back seat and practically hung out the window to get the shot of our vehicle’s logo as we went down central. That shot looks really great! From there we parked downtown and hoofed it till 10PM. Well mostly I hoofed it-Shane skateboarded it! You should have seen the faces of people as he stalked and zoomed past them. He is amazing!  But I gotta tell you I was scared to death watching him weave in and out of thick crowds. He is as graceful as I am clumsy!  We really scored with 2 games, the Rattlers and the D-Backs, so there was people and action galore. Once again though, it was hot, sweaty work. Shane must have lost a few pounds that night!

Monday 8/15/11

It’s all about Ryan. Today was crunch time for us. Ideally we would have liked to have the spot on by the weekend but with us going out on Friday night for more shots that didn’t happen. I had Bill take a look at what we had so far so he could see where we were going and he liked it. Ryan practically pulled an all nighter and was editing until 2AM.

Tuesday 8/16/11

There was a big pow wow where GM Nick Nicholson (don’t you love his name? Sounds like a movie star or a reporter from Anchorman!), Mark Demopoulos, Bill, Mark Sheridan and Shane all came in to give a look. Sadly I wasn’t there for the glory as I had a doctor’s appointment. But when I got here I got the good news AND it was already on air!  Now on to more scheduling, getting it on Cox Cable and making our other ‘versions’.  In the meantime I am already deep into my next project: Rachel’s Challenge.

Stay tuned! Stay connected!