Consumer complaints resolved on Twitter


by Carey Peña / 3TV News @ 10!

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Posted on September 6, 2011 at 10:23 PM

Updated Tuesday, Sep 6 at 10:41 PM

PHOENIX – We’ve all felt the frustration of waiting on hold for a customer service representative to take the call.

That’s why 3TV News @ 10 paid attention when we get a message from a man who says he’s found a better way to getting his voice heard.
“Do you think Twitter is a more effective way to get problems solved?” We asked Jannkarlo Gamarra when we met up with him for coffee, “Yes. I do.”
Gamarra says he was having trouble getting through to Geico on the phone. “I’m the next person in line waiting for 20 minutes to get heard. It was very frustrating.”

He decided to ask other people on Twitter if they were having the same issue.
Within a matter of hours of sending out that tweet, he says, Geico was flooding him with phone calls asking what they could do to help.
“Ten phone calls later,” he told us, “I really felt like a valued customer. Really felt a genuine voice wondering if I was okay.”

3TV News @ 10 wanted to know if we are seeing a shift. Are consumers gaining more power?
“There’s a lot of power in the hands of consumers today,” Evo Terra a digital media strategist, told us when we visited his offices in Tempe.
“That will only continue as communication lines increase. I mean, you and I are sitting here with three different devices that connect to the internet,” he said pointing to my iPad, his iPhone and the computer in the conference room where we were sitting.
Terra, who helps businesses become more social media savvy, says people are paying attention to what you post.
“It puts a lot of pressure on companies,” he says.
Valley resident Sheresa Pompay recently posted on Twitter, “At Sears and receiving the worst customer service ever. Waiting for the store manager because this is outrageous.”
“Sears is actually pretty active on Twitter,” Terra told us, “They were responding within five minutes.”
Sure enough Sears did respond quickly posting on Twitter, “Very sorry for your customer service experience. Plz DM your contact info and we will contact you to help.”
That’s exactly what happened.
While it worked for Sheresa Pompay and Jaankarlo Gamarra – not every business is on board. 
According to Evo Terra its “a hit or miss thing.”
If you aren’t getting answers over the phone, and you decide to turn to Twitter, here’s how you might just hit the jackpot and get someone to call you back.
Terra says, “Be very specific about your complaint. Exactly who it is and what company name you are upset with.”
He goes on to say, “Now it’s not me mad by myself now. It’s me being mad in public and companies will do a lot to keep that from happening.”