3TV News at 10pm newscast is underway

3TV News at 10pm newscast is underway

3TV News at 10pm newscast is underway


by Lori Santa Maria


Posted on July 29, 2011 at 2:45 PM

Updated Wednesday, Oct 30 at 10:00 AM

It's official, 3TV is launching a new 10pm newscast starting August 22, 2011. That's less than four weeks away and all we have is this Website. Well, that's not entirely true but we do have a ton of work to complete to get this newscast up and running and we thought we'd chronicle our journey along the way. 

Here's what we know...

The Team: the new co-anchors of the show are our very own Carey Peña and newcomer to the Valley Fields Moseley. In fact, Fields is so new to the Valley, he's not even here yet. But, he's due to arrive any day now. The show's producer is Jason Berry, a 3TV Veteran and let me introduce myself, Lori Santa Maria, Social Media and Internet Marketing Manager. That's the team so far!

The Time Slot: 3TV News at 10pm will be a weekly 30-minute show following 3TV News at 9pm with Beverly Kidd. Here's what's happening with the current programming: Everybody Loves Raymond will air at 10:30pm and 11:00pm followed by Scrubs at 11:30pm Monday – Thursday.  Fridays will be Varsity Zone at 10:30pm followed by Everybody Loves Raymond at 11pm and Scrubs at 11:30pm.

The difference between the 9pm and 10pm newscast? This is the first question I asked Carey Peña and Jason Berry when we had our first official meeting, this week! 

Carey Peña: "Our hope for the News at 10pm is to expand the conversation and incorporate more of the viewer’s point of view. Fields and I will be out in the community talking to news-makers and the public. Our goal is to report more than just "the what" but "the why". We will be plugged in to what people are talking about and bring those views – real time – to TV. 3TV already has so many amazing people on air, and a line-up of great news shows – we hope to bring all of that momentum to 10pm!"

Jason Berry: "The broad vision will be a fresh, fast, content-driven news show that incorporates all of the tools of news gathering available. This will be a three screen newscast (TV, Internet, mobile). The newscast will have a little more edge. Our anchors will be our reporters. We will cover the big stories of the day. We will be all over breaking news and weather. But this will also be the show where we give you the “why” behind the news, where we help explain some very complex stories so that viewers can better understand their world."

We recently asked our Facebook friends for their ideas of what they'd like to see in the new newscast here's what a few of them had to say:

>> Complete list from facebook.com/3TVPhoenix

Next steps: Next week we'll be meeting with the 3TV art department to discuss graphics packages for the new show and set design. We'll also meet with our Director of Digital Media, Jim Carr, to work on the iframe of the Website (this page). A meeting with News Director Brad Remington to discuss the remaining staff for the show, ie. photographers, floor directors, director, additional reporters, audio, etc.

Still to come: Get Fields Moseley to Arizona and situated comfortably in the 3TV Newsroom. Plan the logistics of the show and the tools needed to accomplish the 30-minute show. Staff bios and head-shots. First draft of news graphics to be created and reviewed, set design pieces to be created and ordered. Meet with the promotions department to discuss the promotion plan, production of commercials, assign a Web producer to the show and more!

What you can expect from our updates: We will post our progress of what we accomplished each day, such as new staff added to the show, samples of graphics packages and set design pieces, this Website page itself will slowly start to take form as we get closer to launch. But, we also want your ideas, tell us what you would like to see in the 10pm newscast, what are we missing? What's the next big interview we need to do? We're open to all ideas!

>> Post your ideas on the 3TVPhoenix Facebook page now

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