3TV News @ 10pm, November 17 Rundown


by Jason Berry, 3TV News @ 10 Producer

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Posted on November 17, 2011 at 4:38 PM

Updated Wednesday, Oct 30 at 6:16 AM

Happy Thursday… just one week to Thanksgiving and we have plenty of fixings for 3TV News at 10 tonight.

James Ray, the self-help author convicted of involuntary manslaughter for that deadly sweat lodge ceremony near Sedona, was crying in court today as his mother took the stand to defend him.  It’s pretty emotional stuff and we’ll give you a taste tonight at 10. 

Also tonight, we got our hands on 500+ page report that outlines more misconduct by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.  In one case, one of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s top aides allegedly promised to protect a deputy accused of liquoring up a 14-year old boy and coming on to him sexually.  Jared Dillingham is reading through that report, getting the specifics of that case and others. 

Is Mesa Gateway Airport ready to compete with Sky Harbor?  Fields is headed out there to get the bigger picture on today’s big announcement that you can now fly to the Bay Area out of Mesa.

Ever wonder how cops and prosecutors decide what constitutes parental neglect and what doesn’t?  We’ll use the case of a Valley mom (whose child was found crying on a street corner after being left home alone) as a springboard for that bigger discussion.

Did you know some businesses are charging your credit card BEFORE you technically make a purchase?  It can really throw a wrench in your budget if money you didn’t plan to spend until next month is withdrawn this month.  Carey’s going to take a closer look at that tonight.

Of course, it’s still early afternoon.  A lot can happen between now and 10, so we’ll keep an eye on everything Arizona, and bring you the freshest, most informative newscast we can.  We hope you’ll join us then.

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