Cash Money For Gold Jewelry


Posted on September 14, 2010 at 8:19 AM

Updated Tuesday, Sep 14 at 8:39 AM

Gold Stash for Cash helps you turn your unwanted jewelry into money. We offer three convenient ways to sell your jewelry: exciting, in-person buying events, home gold parties, and reliable, insured mail-away service.

Whether you prefer to get an immediate quote and payment on location at our gold buying events and gold parties, or just send away your jewelry and receive a mailed check in a few days or receive rapid cash wire deposit the same day, Gold Stash For Cash is here to serve you.

Gold Buying Events in the Phoenix Area

Gold events are held all across the Phoenix metropolitan area

When you find an event you would like to attend, simply bring your jewelry items along on the date indicated. Bring anything that you believe to be gold, silver, or platinum. We are happy to examine anything that you bring, in whatever condition it may be in; don't worry about polishing the silver. Everything from single earrings to coins to flatware should be brought to these events.

What we buy

Gold Stash for Cash buys a variety of articles, and because we employ professional estate buyers, you can be sure that you are getting a great value for your unwanted jewelry and other estate pieces. While we are certainly able to help by purchasing items that you just don't like or wear anymore, we can take care of broken or unusable jewelry, too.

Items we buy include:

    * Rare/Heritage Coins
    * Broken Chains
    * Single Earrings
    * Charms, Rings, and Necklaces
    * Any piece of Gold, Silver, or Platinum (With or Without Stones)
    * Flatware
    * Any other items you believe are Gold, Silver, or Platinum

Items we do not buy include:

    * Gold filled items
    * Gold plated items
    * Silver plated items

Phoenix Fun Gold Parties

You have probably attended plenty of parties where you were expected to buy something, but have you ever gone to one where you actually made money? Gold Parties create an opportunity for friends to have a fun night together while also earning a little cash. The host simply asks friends to come over on a certain date and to bring along any unwanted jewelry items, old coins, or other estate items that are made of gold, silver, or platinum.

Hosts are eligible to make extra money from their Gold Parties, and every guest who sells one or more pieces will be entered into a gift drawing. We invite you to contact us to get more information on compensation and gifts.

Mail Your Jewelry

If you are not able to visit us at one of our events we offer another method for purchasing your items. Simply fill out the form and we will send you an envelope in which to send your items.

The envelope is pre-paid and insured. Just fill it with your unwanted items, and return it to us.

We will mail you a check within 3-5 days of receiving your gold. If you are happy with the offer, cash the check. If you are not satisfied with the amount, you can simply return the check un-cashed within 10 days or contact us.