Volunteers and 'Dreamers' clean up trash around Ariz. Capitol


by Ryan O'Donnell

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Posted on April 1, 2013 at 12:28 PM

Updated Tuesday, Apr 2 at 11:10 PM

PHOENIX -- Community leaders, volunteers and so-called "Dreamers" roll up their sleeves for a "Cesar Chavez Day of Service".

Good Morning Arizona's Ryan O'Donnell took us live to Central Phoenix Monday, where volunteers gathered to clean up neighborhoods around the state capitol.

“If there's any graffiti that needs to be painted over, we're going to do that last when everything is all clean,” announced Estela Vazquez, while talking in front of her team of about 10 volunteers.

Hers was just one of many teams that split up to clean several alleys in central Phoenix, Their goals? "Cleaning and picking up trash, cutting the grass, painting the graffiti to make it look pretty and nice.”

Vazquez is one of many community volunteers, city leaders and so-called Dreamers, who honored Cesar Chavez's legacy as a civil rights and farm labor activist, by performing this service a day after he was born.

“What better day than the day of Cesar Chavez, to show we are immigrants, but we want to give back to our community too, so it's like a perfect day,” said Vazquez.

The group also hopes its cleanup efforts will get the attention of our lawmakers, both in D.C. and locally. Governor Jan Brewer is being targeted in particular. Organizers hope she'll change her mind and allow Dreamers the opportunity to obtain a driver’s license.

“We're good people, we want to give to the community and help out, we're all Arizonans,” said Vazquez.

Organizers say they'd like to do this next year, and the year after that, in hopes that it will get bigger and bigger each time.