Study tips for parents and kids


by Lisa Fuller-Magee

Posted on August 15, 2013 at 12:03 PM

PHOENIX -- With school starting, many parents are trying to get their schedules in order. Something that you might also want to include is a study schedule for your kids.

Cheri Holdcroft and Cindy Romanowski, co-founders of Study Solutions, recently gave 3TV a few tips for giving your child the best place and ways to study.

1. Study Space
Stocking up on the right supplies 
Keep the supplies in an easy to get storage box that all your kids can use
Find the best spot to study. It should be roomy enough for the kids to spread out all their stuff and have very good lighting.

2.  Time Management
Eliminate distractions and procrastination
Complete a weekly calendar with your child with all activities - including study time
Download free calendars from
3. Start the School Routine NOW
Put kids to bed early or at least on time – and preparing a bedtime checklist
Read every day with them or let them read to you
Organize – and managing – backpacks   Get the pack ready for school the night before and remember to put out other items like gym clothes that they may need that next day as well as laying out what they'll wear the next day.