Local fitness expert weighs in on Facebook 'What's Your Excuse' bikini mom


by Heidi Goitia

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Posted on October 21, 2013 at 2:22 PM

Updated Tuesday, Oct 29 at 8:29 AM

PHOENIX -- Her Facebook photo and caption "What's Your Excuse?" sparked a firestorm of controversy.

32-year-old Maria Kang is the mother of three young boys. After posting a picture with her midriff showing, while asking the question: "What’s Your Excuse?", she has attracted national attention, both good and bad.

Some call the image inspirational. Others accuse her of "fat shaming," or trying to attack overweight women.

Valley mom and fitness competitor Deborah Goodman had this to say about the backlash: "We're all moms and we're all beautiful for many different reasons, whether we do fitness or not," she says. "So for her to say 'What's Your Excuse?' comes off a little bit negative, like she's above it. We all have trials and tribulations. I would never judge another person, whether they be a mom or not for what's going on in their life. Just because fitness might not be their number one priority doesn't make them a bad person. So what's your excuse? We all have them and they're all very valid."

Goodman, a mom with six kids of her own, says a better way to inspire other moms is to help them get started, and that's what she's trying to do. She says it all starts with a plan for moms to eat healthy, and an effort to make themselves a priority.

"Mostly they don't have the time," she says. "They're spread so thin. They have extra-curricular activities, and they have places they're going, which is completely understandable. There is no time."

One key? Planning. "It's just being prepared," she says. "Making meals, freezing them, taking them on the go. You always have to be thinking three steps ahead."

She cooks each week in bulk, then weighs and measures each portion. She admits it's tough at first. but will be worth it in the end. "My message to moms would just be to love yourself," she says. "If you don't love yourself, and you don't do something for yourself, it's hard for everything else in life to fall in line."