Drone craze spawns concerns over safety, privacy


GMAZ segment (and test flight) by Scott Pasmore

Posted on July 25, 2014 at 11:14 AM

PHOENIX -- While unmanned vehicles or drones are becoming more of a hobby for the general public, journalists, photographers and even search-and-rescue crews have been known to put these devices in the air. The craze has spawned a variety of concerns over safety and privacy issues and privacy.

Tishin Donkersley of AZ Tech Beat stopped by with a drone to chat with 3TV's Scott Pasmore about the dos and don'ts of flying.

Safety concerns:
*Recently a drone had a near collision with a NYC helicopter. Flying in restricted airspace is one of the main concerns by the FAA.
*US airspace has one of the most complex airspaces in the world
*FAA predicts over 7,500 commercial drones in five years
*FAA put drones in the model airplane category and requires individuals to fly them under 400 feet
*Depending on the sophistication and usage (commercial vs hobbyist) of the drone, it's suggested to register the drone with the FAA.
*Commercial usage or delivery is banned (e.g. real-estate agent taking a video of a property or the Amazon drone)
*FAA does authorize state and local governments and universities to use drones

Privacy concerns:
*Could be fined for disturbing the peace
*Cannot be used by law enforcement on individuals without a search warrant
*The public needs to adhere to the privacy laws in place and filming without consent would be considered an invasion of privacy