DIY indoor holiday decorations



Posted on December 8, 2013 at 2:29 PM

Updated Sunday, Dec 8 at 2:40 PM

PHOENIX -- Debbie Hernandez, an interior designer with Home Depot, demonstrates easy and affordable indoor holiday decorations that you can create yourself.

Ornament Garland


-101-piece Martha Stewart ornament set (desired colors)
-Roll of prepackaged wire anywhere between 18- and 24-gauge
-Two 1/4-inch washers with hole in the middle
-Hot glue gun and glue sticks
-Two pre-lit holiday bows or any large ribbon bows
-Package of thre wire command hooks

-Measure area where ornament garland will be displayed
-Cut wire approximately 12 inches longer than the measurement .This will leave room for tying around the washers and allow for swagging
-Take one washer, and tie wire through the center hole and around the washer
-String all 101 ornaments onto the wire, starting at the end without the washer. The ornaments will bunch together. If any ornament tops are loose, use a hot glue gun to secure the caps to the ornaments
-Leave a little extra wire at the end of the strand so the ornaments can move slightly and swag
-Tie the end of the wire around the second washer.
-Place three self-sticking wire command hooks across a mantel or wherever you plan to hang the garland
-Hang garland onto hooks. The two ends will hang by the washers and the middle of the garland will hang by the wire, creating two swags
-Hang one on the command hooks at each end
Snowflake Ornament Napkin Ring
-Underneath all of the ornaments in the 101-piece Martha Stewart set are a several glitter snowflake ornaments
-With a twist tie or a piece of the wire purchased for the garland, feed wire up through he back of the ornament and again from the front to the back
-Fan the napkins by folding them back and forth into 1-inch folds.
-Hold the center of the napkin, and wrap the wire or twist the tie around the napkin to create a very festive napkin holder


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